Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jerusalem Day - Who's the real occupier?

The mainstream media will tell you a bizarre story about Israel "occupying" places called "The West Bank" and "East Jerusalem" in 1967. It'll tell you this story with a straight face, without blinking once. Not for a second will it touch such "minor" details like, west of what is this "West Bank" to be called thus, or whom did Israel "occupy" these places from? Nor will it naturally, mention the "West Bank's" historic names - Judea and Samaria. If it did, a significant percentage of viewers might have actually risen an eyebrow, because the idea of JEWS "occupying" a place called JUDEA sounds a little bit weird.

The real story, however, is surprisingly simple and quite recent:
1. In 1947 the UN issued the Partition Plan for The British Mandate of Palestine to divide it into two separate states: A Jewish one and an Arab one.

*Notice how it was perfectly clear to all just a few years back, that Jews ARE a people, treated in the same context as the Arabs, unlike what some post-modern "thinkers" will tell you today. 
Notice also there's no mention of a "Palestinian" people, only an Arab people. Instead, Palestine is mentioned simply as a geographical region.

2. The Jews said "Yes!", the Arabs said "No!".
3. The Jews went on to establish an independant state in 1948 in what little was given to them. The Arabs attacked the tiny, newborn Jewish state with overwhelming powers of 5 Arab countries.
4. The Arabs, to their great surprise, lost (bringing upon themselves their infamous "Naqba", but that's a different story altogether). That first war of self-defence ended in 1949, with Israel prevailing and improving its border position.

5. Jordan ended up occupying the "West Bank" in that war of Arab aggression (hence the name, referring to it from Jordan's point of view). That occupation was almost unanimously viewed upon as illegal, even by the Arab League, since Jordan never had any legal, historical or other claim on the territory.
7. Israel was left with an indefensible border, only 9 miles long (!), so it had to go into battle once again in the triumphant Six-Day War of 1967, liberating Judea and Samaria from the illegal Jordanian occupation.

*Notice how the infamous, disputed "67 borders" from today's discourse, should actually be called the "49 borders". Or at least the "pre-67 borders".

And that's pretty much it. Jerusalem was once again, after some 2,000 years, a united capital (no such thing as "East Jerusalem", the city is united) of the Jewish people. This is the holiday of Jerusalem Day. Only the Jews, not the Arabs, were ever historically independent in Jerusalem. Only the Jews, not the Arabs, had Jerusalem for their capital. Only the Jewish Bible, not the Muslim Quran, mentions Jerusalem hundreds of times. Only the Jews prayed for "next year in Jerusalem", not the Muslims.

And yet, this Jerusalem Day, is particularly sad. To appease the Arabs control of the Temple Mount, the holiest Jewish site, was given away to Jordanian Waqf. They limit the access of non-Muslims (that includes tourists) to the site for three to four hours a day, 5 days a week, while Muslims are free to visit whenever they want. They shut the entrance to non-Muslims entirely whenever they feel like rioting, or just have a bad mood. Like today on Jerusalem Day.

And you'll ask me: "But isn't the Temple Mount sacred for the Muslims as well?" "Shouldn't they have control because of it?" "Shouldn't we respect their ancient traditions?"

1. Muslims turn their asses to Jerusalem when they pray. Their true holy city is Mecca.

2. When the latest conflict escalated they shot missiles upon their "holy city" of Jerusalem.
3. The Western Wall is sacred to the Jews, yet access is free to all. The Church of The Holy Sepulchre is sacred to the Christians, yet access is free to all. Why do you want to hold the Muslims to a different standart? Are you some kind of a racist?

This shocking video was taken only a month ago. Not 47 years ago when we didn't have Jerusalem, not 66 years ago when we didn't have a country, not 75 years ago in Europe. Now. Here. In Jerusalem. Only a month ago. A crazed, Arab mob attacks a Jewish family (with little kids). The police could hardly protect them.

Apartheid anyone?
The only way for peace, quiet, full human and religious rights to all is through full Israeli sovereignty.
Until that is realized by all, it's more like "next year in Jerusalem" all over again.
Happy holiday!

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