Saturday, May 24, 2014

Evil IDF slaughters poor innocent teens!!! The farce continues

The carnival of hypocrisy continues! The Arabs with the help of the ultra-left Israeli organisation 'B'Tselem' (or is it the other way around?) fuel the international media with a completely bogus story, which only purpose is to slander and demonize the IDF. The CNN merrily jumps on board, purporting with their recent coverage to reveal the "smoking gun" of the incident - that of an IDF soldier. His "live" bullet, according to the Arabs' claim, hits the first teen, passes through him, hits his backpack, passes through that and then gets out.
Yet, CNN, while remaining completely ignorant, prove quite the opposite:
1. In a pathetic display of absolute professional incompetence, they fail to recognise the gun used by the Israeli soldier has a thickened barrel, which is used to fire rubber bullets, not live ammunition. This supports the IDF claim, that no live ammunition was used in Beitunia. And while a rubber bullet can certainly hurt a lot, and even kill at certain unfortunate occasions, performing all those wonderful feats mentioned above, is completely beyond its capability.

2. The supposed "father" of the "victim" goes out of his way and shows CNN the live bullet that "hit his son". The gullible CNN reporter eats it all up. He never realizes that any bullet that actually hits a target gets deformed and misshapen by the hit. The "father's" bullet, however, is flawless.

Did we mention incompetence already?
If you don't take my word for it, here, listen to a professional:

3. And last but not least: The alleged IDF "killer" in CNN footage is located on higher ground about 80 meters from the alleged "target". Alas, the original Arab reports claimed that the shooting came from a completely different spot 200 meters away. Oops!

And now, with all those new dramatic turns, looking again at the original video, new questions arise:

1. Why does the first dramatic teen fall against the direction of the supposed impact?
2. How come both different teens, falling differently and hit differently, end up in the exact same position on the back with one hand across the belly?
3. Why not on this video, nor on any other documentation of the incident is there any blood? The bullet did go through them, tearing up both back and chest, right?

The IDF, due to its formal position and because of public opinion, must mumble in return to this obvious fraud. So do the rest of the official Israeli bodies and media. They all agree to label the incident a "real incident". The only argument they allow themselves is that of versions: rubber vs live. They're not free to call a spade a spade.

You, however, are not bound by such weight. You can see a "father" blatantly lying to international cameras and call him a liar. You can see a sloppy 'Pallywood' staged act and call it BS. You don't have to be ashamed or afraid of the truth. You can speak up.

There probably are two corpses. They probably have been shot. But we have no idea how, when or by whom have they been shot. This should be investigated. We do know, for a fact, clearly and unquestionably, that the teens from infamous incident are alive and well. And we have no reason to pretend otherwise.

If you think, staging an entire play for the world media is too much of a conspiracy theory, watch this video by professor Richard Landes from Boston University, who revealed the 'Pallywood' method back in 2008.

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