Friday, June 27, 2014

The hidden racism of Gideon Levy

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome The Amazing Champion of Human Rights, The Incredible Knight of Equality, The Staunch Fighter against the "regime" and, last but not least, the High Priest of the "occupation" religion - the one, the only, Mr. Gideon Levy!!!

Gideon Levy is one of the most recognised voices of Haaretz newspaper, and as such he's much more recognised outside of Israel, since Haaretz and it's flagman Levy are so keen on making easy money from sensational, slanderous anti-Israeli fabrications, nobody inside of Israel bothers to read. From  manipulating statistical data to meet his own worldview, to simply making up horror stories about the Israeli border police, Levy's lies have been revealed countless times by a variety of bodies and journalists. From his most recent pearls you have Israel "ordering" the kidnapping of the Judea and Samaria schoolboys (the Hebrew headline, in fact, states just that), all for provocation sake. Of course, nothing of the sort can be found in the actual article, because nothing of the sort ever took place. What can be found in abundance is only the typical blaming of Israel for the acts of filthy terrorists.

Israel "orders" teens kidnapping in the world of Gideon Levy.

"How come a person like that is still actually employed as a journalist?!" - you wonder? Well, all is possible in Haaretz-land! All, if you are from the radical left, that is. Haaretz publisher Amos Schoken and Levy are admitted BFFs. They think alike and create a newspaper in their own image. Journalistic integrity? Throw that in the garbage! Honest reporting? Don't make me laugh! Anything goes to serve the agenda. Anything goes to create a bigger buzz and enlarge the number of clicks. And what happens when they're caught lying with the pants down? Well, they can always film Levy mumbling a few self-righteous words about how he was "simply mistaken" with a few "neglectable facts", while still getting the "essence" right, and then label it an "apology".

Haaretz in general and Levy in specific abuse the freedom of speech to lie. They can't be legally prosecuted because they don't spread libels against a specific individual but against huge collectives (the IDF, the Israeli public), and so it's a juridical messy complication. However, sometimes freedom of speech comes back to bite the unsuspecting Levy on the behind! And, indeed, there's nothing anyone can say about Gideon Levy (or any other radical leftist, for that matter), that he didn't gleefully and complacently tell the world himself already. Let's take a look, for example, at his recent interview for the new (and rather excellent) Israeli TV channel i24News.

Note, 03:50: "We're not coming from the same place, and you can't judge us in the same tools. We've established quite a democratic state, we're far beyong this, and therefore the price we have to pay for our mistakes, for our lack of morality, for our crimes is much bigger, than a society which lives under occupation for so many years." - Levy goes on and on in his all-knowing tone - "You can't put them in the same place and judge them with the same criteria, by all means not."

Beautiful, isn't it? Our biggest "Palestinian" advocate is in fact a racist! This beautiful, little, unnoticed Freudian slip unmistakably reveals his credo. Levy's willing to go easy on the Arabs' any number of atrocities, whether in their own society or against Israel, because "you can't judge them with the same criteria". He simply won't put them to the same human standards, as he would to anyone else in the universe. He simply considers them to be wild savages, uncapable of rational, human behaviour - and thus irresponsible for their own actions! This is the only logical conclusion to this kind of line of thought. Later he adds how he doesn't "believe that the Palestinians were born to kill". What a strange phrase, isn't it? I wonder where it all comes from!

Whether Gideon Levy's a schizophrenic, wholeheartedly comitted to both of his claims at the same time, a pathological liar, actually believing his lies are true, or simply a scumbag, joyfully making a living from slandering his own country - is for the psychiatrists to decide.
Just remember to use your brains, next time you read a Gideon Levy fantasy!

Today, July first 2014, a day after the bodies of the kidnapped and murdered teens were recovered, Levy appeared again as a member of the panel on i24news. He did not issue an apology.

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