Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"? Think again!

On thursday night three Israeli teens went missing on their way back from school in Judea and Samaria. It was pretty clear from the very beginning they were kidnapped by Arab terrorists. Today it's known for a fact. Now whether it's Hamas or Fatah (under their new, whitewashed name "The Palestinian Authority"), their main bodies or some rogue factions, or indeed some completely different Islamic insanity group, is of absolutely no importance. Security importance, sure (where to look, who to press, who to arrest, etc.), but not political. Even less political importance should be given now, when the new "wonderful unity of the 'Palestinian' people" government emerged.

In the meantime the only thing more deafening then the initial world media silence was the vile Anti-Israeli framing of the incident that followed. "What? Three Israeli kids have been kidnapped by terrorists, how can they possibly present it in an Anti-Israeli light?!" - you'll probably think. Well, the leading news outlets had managed to do just that. Whether by focusing on the IDF search and the measures it has to take to try and locate the kids like the BBC did, or making sure everyone knows the teens are not just innocent, kidnapped human beings but are first of all "settlers" like The Guardian and The Independent did (regardless of your stand on the disputed Judea and Samaria territories, technically only one of the three teens lives beyond the Green Line), or unmistakably recognizing "the cause of the destabilization of the Israeli-Palestinian relations" like the NY Times did.

With such disgusting attempts to manipulate reality, I wonder when was the last time these "progressive, liberal, freedom championing" newspapers blamed rape victims for "dressing up provocatively" and "asking for it"!

The kidanpping crisis and the media's treatment of it, has brought me to analyze the cliché phrase from the headline of this post. It has turned into one of those idiotic aphorisms, that insufferable know-it-alls throw at you every now and then with a calm, smug expression of an enlightened guru. Well, guess what? They're dead wrong! Legitimate resistance fighters fight the oppressive mechanisms, i.e. the armed forces of the occupier, just like the Jewish resistance groups fought the British occupying forces at the dawn of the state of Israel. Legitimate resistance fighters don't target civillians deliberately, just like the Jewish resistance groups didn't when they fought the British armed forces for the Israeli independence. Want to be called legitimate "freedom fighters"? Be my guest, attack army bases and police stations! You'll still be my enemy, and I'll hate you, but at least when the "pro-peace" world media would call you "resistance", I wouldn't need to fight a gag reflex. Want to kidnap innocent teenagers, on their way back from school, cheer and give out candies for their abduction and start a vile, gloating celebration campaign on the social media to "honor" it? Think again! You're nothing, but a filthy, terrorist scum!

And you'll ask me: "So, you acknowledge the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit was a legitimate act of resistance?"
And I'll tell you: The act itself, if could be viewed as a stand alone act, all by itself, could be called a legitimate resistance act. Unfortunately, the Shalit abduction didn't take place in a vacuum, but in the real world. The gang who took Shalit, the Al-Qassam Brigades, is the military wing of Hamas. They are the same people who for a decade targeted Israeli civillians with missiles, and for two decades exploded Israeli buses and restaurants. If Shalit's abductors were to differ themselves from the rest of the terrorists, perform operations exclusively against the military and condemn their fellow Arabs for the attacks on civillian population - we'd have an armed resistance group. Since obviously nothing of the sort ever happened, the Shalit abduction can't be put in a vacuum, and is an act of terror. In fact, today the IDF fights nothing but terror - there are no legitimate Arab resistance groups.

Got the difference?
Good! Keep using those brains!

The "Bring Back Our Boys" social media campaign is touching and heartwarming. However, I don't believe it to be useful. If anything it can do more harm than good. No terrorist would ever be dissuaded or convinced to bring the boys back because of the campaign. If anything, the opposite is right. They'd get reaffirmation to hold them for as long as possible, and encouragement to demand as many murderers in return for them as possible. It's hard to believe citizens of the world would be persuaded as well. After all they have such "objective and unbiased" media to inform them. So, what can a simple citizen, who wants to raise awareness to these tragic events, do? Here's an alternative. All those of you who do social media and care, share the hashtag #AbbasIsHamas. It's simple, informative and non-emotional. Hamas is recognised as a terror organization in most of the Western world, in Egypt as well. Help expose the world to the true nature of the "wonderful Palestinian unity government". Thank you!

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  1. Look, it's a no brainer. You join a gang you will be killed or imprisoned. You do terrorist acts you will be hunted by highly sophisticated electronics and surveillance. Highly trained mentally and physically soldiers and secret ops. There is no where to run, no where to hide on this planet anymore. Then one day you if you get too old in prison, you will see how foolish you were in youth. Or at some point in your human life your human body dies by a bullet or disease or natural causes WE ALL FACE THE JUDGEMENT SEAT OF YAH-to which there is no defense. Fear not who can kill the human body, but who can snuff the eternal life of the spirit that dwells within our human body! Matthew 10:28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.