Tuesday, May 20, 2014

IDF unlawfully killed two Palestinian teens!... OR DID IT?!?

The newest addition to the hot "Israel kills children" libel seems to be that lovely YouTube video, that proves beyond any reasonable doubt, how Israel systematically shoots innocent Palestinian children...

Or Does it?

Lets see the video and check exactly what it is, that we see:
1. We are being told to brace ourselves, for what we're about to see is extremely shocking, "graphic content".
2. Then we are carefully told and explained, what it is exactly that we're about to see.
3. We are shown an interview with an anonymous dude, telling a story. He's the only one we hear throughout the entire video.
4. We see the "innocent teens"... rioting and throwing rocks?!? Oh, but then, we're carefully explained that the minute they're actually "shot", they weren't doing that. Oh, okay, then!
5. We see a teen falling to the ground in the most dramatic, theatrical and overracted way, any "gunned down" teen ever fell.
6. We don't see IDF. We don't see blood. We don't see wounds. We don't hear gunfire. In fact, no "graphic content" at all!
(Cause it's a "security video"! Oh, yes, of course!)
7. The moment the teen falls a crowd of bystanders rushes "for help", crowding and surrounding the "wounded victim" in a highly irrational, frantic and messy manner. Completely disregarding the threat of a "crazed-out IDF soldier" "firing" at them. No one attempts to hide. No one attempts to take shelter. No one fears more bullets.
8. Steps 5-7 repeat for the second teen.

Pallywood much?
Now, just how low an IQ does one need to have, to actually fall for this kind of BS?

FYI, when I brought up these points in the comment section of the video on YouTube, the comments quickly became disabled.
When I did the same on a certain girl's Facebook Arabic teaching page, my comment was deleted and I was blocked from commenting on the page again.
Just saying...
So here you have it! Uncensored and uncut!

Never forget to use your eyes and brains!