Thursday, November 19, 2015

When Paris met ISIS

"Clearly, the Arab rage in France originates in the lack of independence in Mayotte.
The world must increase its pressure on France for its insistence on denying a state from the Native Mahorais People.
The French occupation of the Mayotte archipelago must end immediately.
It's about time the Sunni Muslims of Mayotte finally join their Comorosi brothers in independence, and choose their destiny with their own hands, like the rest of the free nations here on Earth.
Colonialism isn't cute.
The absence of a political horizon the current French government imposes on the Mahorais tires the nations of the world.
Furthermore, France should open its gates wide to defenseless migrants from The Middle East and Africa.
The EU, The UN and the rest of the free world must issue clear guidelines on the issue of labeling of French products from Mayotte. The world must know what it buys.
It is only natural for the just rage of the Muslims towards France to grow further and further with the years.
Needless to say, we expect France to show restraint and proportionality in its pursuit for the perpetrators.
Large, well-equipped, well-armed police units are obviously disproportionate to the minor, moderate forces of the Arab freedom fighters."

Now, imagine this would actually be the bon ton reaction around the world to the horrifying terror attacks in Paris.The elites, the media, the academia - all compete for the most vile way in which they could attack the victim.
Quite repulsive, isn't it?

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Except they do exactly that.
Even though Israel suffers daily terrorist attacks, when it comes to Israel anything goes.
In fact, Israel is perceived as a target so legitimate, the Swedish FM excelled and outdid all her competitors, suggesting Israel among the causes of global Jihad, thus effectively blaming Israel for the Paris attacks. And she's not alone [1, 2, 3].
The truth of the Anti-Israeli logic is stranger than any fiction.

Sweden found who to blame for ISIS: Israel
Posted by The Jerusalem Post / on Monday, November 16, 2015

Don't misunderstand me (or misrepresent me on purpose, for that matter). I've got nothing but sorrow and sympathy for the hundreds of innocent people who perished in terror attacks around the world just this last month. But for the elites I've got a different message:

When you call terror victims in another country "settlers", as to suggest they're somehow somewhat more than just innocent civilians, you mustn't be surprised when terrorists come for you.
When you call terrorists in Israel "freedom fighters", you're welcoming the next terrorist attack in your home town.
When you say that "this terrorist attack had rationale" but "that terror attack was completely senseless", you legitimize terrorism worldwide.

A disgusting fantasy is an apalling reality when it comes to Israel.
Source: Honest Reporting

It's time for all to stop the double standards. Islamic Arab terrorism is Islamic Arab terrorism!
Stop treating Hamas differently than ISIS! Stop deliberately framing Hamas and ISIS differently in the media!
There's no difference between them. Their goals are the same. Sure, minuscule changes can and should be discussed in the academia, but they bare absolutely no significance for the everyman.

Sure, it's not politically correct.
It's also the truth.

To paraphrase a great thinker:

"First they came for the settlers, and you didn't speak up because you weren't settlers.
Then they came for the Jews, and you didn't speak up because you weren't Jews.
And now they've come for you. What the hell did you expect?!"
Stop rationalizing, understanding and supporting terrorists!
Stop aligning yourself with them!
Open your eyes and wake up!
Start using your brains!

Jerusalem stands with Paris.
Will Paris stand with Jerusalem?

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